About The Analysis Institute

Karen Grace-MartinThe Analysis Institute helps researchers learn (and often re-learn) statistics and statistical software. We offer workshops, programs, and home study resources on real topics that you often encounter in the course of data analysis.

Our focus is on understanding how to use, interpret, and implement statistics in an intuitive way on real data. We are here to help you conduct sound statistics and good research.

The Analysis Institute is a division of The Analysis Factor, which offers statistical projects, consulting, and training for anyone who need to use (not just ponder) statistics in their work.

Karen Grace-Martin, the founder and president of The Analysis Factor, is a professional statistical consultant with Masters degrees in both applied statistics and social psychology.  Her own career started in psychology research, where her frustration in applying statistics to her data led her to learn more statistics.

Karen soon realized that the really fun part of research was analyzing the data, and she has never looked back.  Her background in experimental research and working with real data has been invaluable in understanding the challenges that researchers face in using statistics.

Karen was a professional statistical consultant at Cornell University for seven years before founding The Analysis Factor.  Karen has worked with clients from undergraduate honors students on their first research project to tenured Ivy League professors, as well as non-profits and businesses.

Her ability to understand what researchers need and to explain technical information at the level of the researcher’s understanding has been one of her strongest assets as a consultant and trainer.  She derives genuine satisfaction from the relief she hears in clients’ voices when they realize that they real help is available.

Before consulting, Karen taught statistics courses for economics, psychology, and sociology majors at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College.  She has co-written an introductory statistics textbook with Stephen Sweet: Data Analysis with SPSS.  Karen has developed and presented many statistics workshops, most recently on missing data, logistic regression, and many aspects of linear regression and the general linear model.