The Statistical Training Center for Researchers in the Thick of Data Analysis


When the classes are over and you need to actually run the data analysis, there’s one big problem. All your statistics courses were focused on the theoretical concepts of statistics, not on the skills and applied understanding you need for actual data analysis.

Now that you’re faced with real, messy data, how do all those concepts apply?

How do you get the software to do it, and once you do, what does it all mean?

If you’ve ever longed for a place to get some some straight answers (that you understand)…

You’ve found it! Applied data analysis learning programs just for researchers:

Our Programs will give you:

  • Step-by-step instructions to implement analyses in statistical software
  • The knowledge to choose the right analysis and interpret the output you get
  • An intuitive understanding of what the concepts really tell you about your data and research questions